Welcome to Frapetsus Productions!

Frapetsus Productions is an innovative professional theatre company launched by Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts graduate Jack Llewellyn in 2007 to initially develop audiences' interest in new and lesser known drama via small-scale touring productions throughout Wales.

Over the past four years the company has grown and developed, with more ambitious projects now running on a national scale.

Despite the growth of Frapetsus and the increasingly commercial nature of their work, their productions continue to have a relevance and significance in the current social, political and cultural aspects of Welsh life. Frapetsus Productions' commitment to forging links with actors, directors and technicians who are based in Wales has never diminished and they continue to employ and develop Welsh talent.

Our Latest Production

20th April - 23rd May 2015

Bred in Heaven: The Road to Twickers

From the makers of the 2011 smash hit Bred in Heaven comes a new and exciting comedy. Last time we followed the fortunes of Maldwyn, the star of rugby comedy Grand Slam, and friends as they ventured to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. This time the challenge lie closer to home at Twickenham, or Twickers as the locals like to call it.

The rugby mad group of friends head over the Severn Bridge as they aim to derail the chariot! This time they are joined by the only Englishman in the village, nephew of the iconic Maldwyn, Rupert Novello Pugh. He promises a tour that the boys will never forget, although some will wish that they could!

Can Wales go one step further than 2011 and make the final? Can they turn over the old enemy on their own front lawn? Follow the highs and lows of outrageous misfortunes while cheering on our boys.

See you on the field! Find out more...